​About Roundtable


Greatness is measured by horizons.


Canta Roundtable is not only a well-informed symposium, but an active collaborative community, where Chinese immigrants and would-be immigrants can achieve a comprehensive understanding of Quebec and Canadian society through a host of professionals with various backgrounds sharing and exchanging their knowledge, experience and views. 



邦加帝国圆桌会(Canta Roundtable)是由加拿大邦加咨询公司(Consultations Canta)发起创办,加拿大帝国商业银行(CIBC)联合举办, 致力于为华人移民群体或准移民群体,深度了解与融入加拿大社会, 而打造的全方位、立体式互动分享社群。


邦加帝国圆桌会(Canta Roundtable),采取报名制与邀请制相结合的方式,针对不同目标群体,通过线上与线下的不同介质展开各类活动。

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