​Immigration related services


​Canta Consulting Inc. is a full service Canadian immigration, refugee and citizenship consulting firm. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) possess the necessary tools and knowledge of Canadian immigration and refugee matters in order to assist you and your family to successfully accomplish your immigration related objectives.​


We offer a personalized service and reasonable price. There is always someone who has a cheaper price. If you are seeking quick, cheap, factory line service, we are NOT your choice.


  • Work in Canada and Work Permit

  • Investor, Entrepreneur Options 

  • Study in Canada and Study Permit

  • Spousal, Partner or Child Sponsorship 

  • Permanent Residence through Federal and provincial programs

  • Changing and Maintaining Status in Canada

  • ​Citizenship 

  • Immigration and Refugee Board Services








  • 在加拿大工作、申请工作许可 

  • 在加拿大学习、申请学习许可 

  • 投资、商业项目

  • 联邦与各省份永久居民申请

  • 配偶、同居伴侣以及未成年人担保 

  • 改变状态与接续状态申请

  • ​公民归化申请

  • 加拿大移民、难民委员会听证服务


​"Where there is a will, there is a way!"

Education and Cultural Exchange services


​Canta Consulting Inc. specializes in educational and cultural exchange enrichment between North America and China through different educational and cultural activities while providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.


Thanks to our cooperation with diverse organizations, including universities, colleges, museums, art galleries, companies and other institutions, we can offer the best tailor made service. 

If you have any needs, or if your institution have interests in the cooperation with us, please contact:








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